The Centurion is the paragon of superheros. Armed with super strength, toughness, and the ability to fly he battled evil in all of its forms for over half a century. However it was his firm belief in justice and the sanctity of life that drew many to him. He worked hard to bring evil to justice while never ending a single live. Never was this more true then in his final hour when he chose to take on Omega alone rather than risk his fellow heroes lives, a decision that proved fatal.


Although some masked “mystery men” appeared before him, the Centurion was Freedom City’s first true superhero and remains one of its greatest to this day. He was born on a parallel Earth where the Roman Empire never fell; this Earth also held a far more advanced technological civilization than any on twentieth century Earth.

Invading forces from the Terminus, led by Omega were on the verge of conquering that Earth when one of its leading scientists placed his infant son in an experimental dimensional capsule and sent it across dimensions to another habitable world: our own Earth. In so doing, he inadvertently exposed Freedom City to a cascade of interdimensional energies and made Omega aware of its existence. Exposure to the cosmic energies also changed the infant, giving him the potential for tremendous powers.

The Centurion was a founding member of both the Content Not Found: liberty-league and the Freedom League. It wasn’t until his time with the Freedom League that it became clear the Centurion’s powers included a greatly extended lifespan; although over forty years old by the founding of the Freedom League, he still looked like a man in his late twenties.

He was invited on several occasions to live with the Ultima but felt he couldn’t abandon his responsibilities to the world. Throughout much of his career, one of the Centurion’s greatest foes was Omega, who destroyed his home world. Centurion swore the same fate would not befall his adopted home. He finally gave his life in battle against the Lord of the Terminus to save the world, and every nation on Earth mourned his loss. Freedom City commissioned and dedicated the Sentry Statue in his honor, and the legacy of the Centurion continues to inspire a new generation of heroes. Although there has been at least one imposter posing as the Centurion returned to life, as yet no new hero has adopted the Centurion’s distinctive name or costume, and wisely so; both are considered sacred in the superhero community.


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