Chase Atom


The youngest of the Atom siblings, Chase Atom is the most like their father Mentac. Chase is the “baby” of the family, although he’s very intelligent and sophisticated for his age. Chase’s mental powers emerged earlier than the abilities of any of his siblings, starting when he was only seven years old, so he’s had almost as much time to learn to control and use them as his older brother and sisters.

While on a visit to Farside City, Chase acquired a mutant monkey as a pet. He named him Cosmo and the “moon monkey” is Chase’s constant companion.

Chase has led a strange life, to say the least. Although he’s seen alien worlds and fought cosmic beings, he gets uncomfortable in the mundane environments of normal kids his age. A plan to send Chase to an ordinary school rather than tutoring him at the Nucleus worked out poorly. Dr. Atom would like to see Chase with a few friends his own age, but Chase is mostly content in the company of his siblings and Cosmo. Chase has made one friend his own age: Ray Gardener, Jr. The two hit it off due to their mutual interest in roleplaying and video games; Ray has since deemed ALEX the “coolest GM ever with all those different voices.”

Chase Atom has telepathic abilities. He can read minds and project mental illusions. He can also project powerful mental blasts to stun or incapacitate sentient beings, but they tire him out fairly quickly. He has learned to shield his own thoughts and he can link the minds of his siblings together, allowing them to communicate instantly and silently. On Jack Wolf’s suggestion, Chase has developed a trick of monitoring the surface thoughts of those around him in combat to give him a split-second warning so he can avoid an attack before it comes.

Chase is very serious-minded when it comes to responsibility, since it’s been drilled into him since childhood. He never uses his powers carelessly or thoughtlessly and he makes it a point not to read other people’s thoughts without good rea- son. Chase may have the potential to control other people’s minds, but the idea is so repugnant to him that he will likely never develop it.

Chase Atom

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