Crimson Katana


Lord Tegamusha created the Three-flames katana at the start of the Sino-Japanese War in 1894, forging it in fires fed by the bodies of 300 Chinese prisoners and tempered in their blood. The blade gained infamy in its use against soldiers and innocents alike until Tegamusha himself was slain by a sniper’s bullet in 1895. Stolen by the assassin, the katana was lost for decades until it was found in 1935 by a man calling himself the Crimson Katana. He soon stood as the Emperor’s personal bodyguard and assassin. The Crimson Katana fled occupied Japan in 1949 after slaying the Human Tank and Gunner. He died mysteriously that same year in Nepal although few knew of his death until years later.

The second Crimson Katana operated in Southeast Asia all throughout the 1960s and 1970s as a mercenary ronin, both alone and with his followers, the quasi-mystical Katanarchist cult. For years the cult grew in strength until its sphere of control until its reach could be felt all across Asia when in 1969 it suddenly vanished. Most blame either rival gangs such as the Yakuza or the KGB for the disappearance.

In recent time the sword and its wielder have appeared once again in main land Japan. Though none are certain if this is the same Crimson Katana as before all who have seen it are certain it is the same sword.

Crimson Katana

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