Dr Atom


In the 1930s, Alexander Atom was a brilliant scientist, inventor, and adventurer. He went to places most people barely imagined and achieved more with his life than most could ever know. He also died in recent years, but death hardly slowed him down at all. Before his physical death, Dr. Atom transferred his intellect, memories, and personality into an incredibly advanced computer system of his own design. He lives on as a disembodied intelligence “inside” a virtual world of his own making. This has not only given Dr. Atom a kind of immortality but, more importantly, allows him to continue his work and care for his beloved grandchildren.

These days, Dr. Atom is confined to the computer system in the Nucleus, the Atom Family’s home in Freedom City, but his mind can roam the Internet and he can project a holographic image of himself anywhere within the Goodman Building. Sub-space communication implants also allow Dr. Atom to communicate with the rest of the Atom Family, no matter where they are, from Midtown to the depths of the Terminus. This allows him to constantly observe and advise his grandchildren and their guardian.

Although he’s gotten a touch crotchety in his old age, Dr. Atom still has his dry wit and caring nature. He loves his grandchildren dearly and treats Content Not Found: jack-wolf like the son he never had. Most other people find him pleasant enough (for a hologram) but sometimes find his leaps of logic and his jargon-filled speeches difficult to follow.

Dr Atom

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