Dr. Metropolis


Where he came from is a mystery, as is what he’s doing here. If he has answers, he’s not providing them. Still, Dr. Metropolis is the hero with perhaps the strongest ties to Freedom City, and he takes the protection of his home very seriously. Dr. Metropolis first appeared in the aftermath of Omega’s assault on Freedom City. As rescue workers and military personnel sifted through the rubble looking for survivors and surveying the damage, a group of them saw a humanoid figure rise up out of the wreckage. His body was made of concrete and metal, the very substance of the materials around him. He looked at them and said, “I am Metropolis.” Although he would offer no further explanation, the mysterious figure agreed to speak with the representatives of the government.

Although he did not respond to questions regarding his origins, the city entity was intent on helping Freedom City. He began working with the scientists and rescue workers investigating the effects of the Terminus Invasion on the city. They in turn studied him, and eventually dubbed him “Dr. Metropolis,” a name he accepted as his own. His ability to “connect” with the environment of the city allowed him to sense things throughout the area, so he directed emergency personnel to injured people and away from dangerous instabilities.

He could also control and shape the material structure of the city at will, helping shore up damaged buildings, repairing broken water mains, and restoring streets to allow emer- gency vehicles access where they were most needed. When the relief work was complete, Dr. Metropolis helped make Mayor Michael O’Connor’s dream of a new Freedom City a reality. With Dr. Metropolis’ and Daedalus’ aid, the damage to the city was repaired in record time. As a direct result of Dr. Metropolis’ powers and efforts, Freedom currently features architecture unparalleled across the world and an infrastructure that is the envy of cities everywhere.

Dr. Metropolis accepted a place in the Freedom League, largely because it was a way to actively help protect his home city. Some Leaguers believe he was also looking for friends who could understand him, a hunch that has proven at least moderately true. Since then, Dr. Metropolis has won the trust and respect of his teammates, some of whom try hard to reach the gentle, artistic soul they sense beneath his cold exterior. Some have described Dr. Metropolis as a “city spirit.” His inhuman body is an amalgamate form of concrete, metal, and glass. By all rights, he shouldn’t even be able to move, much less think or talk, but he does. He ignores most human concerns, having no need to breathe, eat, or rest, and his body is incredibly strong and resilient.

When he is damaged, Dr. Metropolis can rapidly “repair” himself using his powers, drawing substance from the materials around him, if need be. Dr. Metropolis can “meld” into any city structure, his body passing harmlessly into it and disappearing. While melded with the city, he can sense ongoing trouble that harms the city (tracking for radiation, sensing the use of superhuman powers, or even listening for a particular sound) and reform at the site of the problem. He also has a powerful “empathy” with cities, Freedom City in particular. He can sense things happening throughout the city, sometimes in the form of visions, but usually as vague premonitions of important events.

He can bend the physical structure of a city to his will, animating and reshaping parts of it. At Dr. Metropolis’ command, lampposts reach down to grab fleeing criminals; streets buckle and ripple like waves; broken win- dow-glass fails to touch innocent bystanders; and sidewalks grow hands to restrain opponents. No matter what happens, Dr. Metropolis makes sure everything goes back to normal, at least in terms of the physical status of the city. If not for his presence, the Freedom Public Works Department would need four times the personnel working around the clock to keep up with the damage the city sustains.

Dr. Metropolis

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