Dr. Stratos


Some fifteen years ago, Dr. Sebastian Stratos was one of the most brilliant meteorologists and atmospheric engineers in the United States. When he hit upon a technique for controlling the weather, Dr. Stratos showed his designs to corporations and government think tanks. They told him his design was absurd, his calculations faulty, and there was no way his device would ever work. Stratos insisted on building a prototype and performing a full-scale demonstration, but everyone refused, thinking it a waste of time and money. Stratos’ reputation in the scientific community plummeted and people began calling him a crackpot.

Furious at his detractors and critics, Stratos retreated to an isolated lab in the American southwest to build his working prototype. He turned its power against Nolan Aircraft, one of the corporations that had derided his genius, and forced down one of their experimental planes. He then broadcast his demands-unless he was paid millions in ransom, he would use his power over the weather to ground all air traffic. A new superhero named Captain Thunder found Stratos’ hidden lair and defeated him, however.

Stratos’ scientific genius allowed him to escape from prison on numerous occasions, and he always returned with a new scheme to use weather control for his own ends and to destroy his nemesis, Captain Thunder. One of his greatest plans involved capturing Captain Thunder and other heroes with weather-based powers. He used a device to transfer their powers—amplified many times—into his own body, mak- ing him a virtual god capable of commanding weather on a global scale. The heroes overcame Stratos by forcing him to overtax his new abilities and the powerless super-
criminal was returned to prison.

A few years ago, Dr. Stratos managed a personal triumph. He cap- tured Captain Thunder and revealed the hero’s true identity on worldwide television. While soon defeated and imprisoned, the doctor gloated that he’d harmed Thunder more than any thought possible. His mind no longer just focused vengefully on Captain Thunder, Dr. Stratos stumbled upon a startling truth—his weather control devices had never worked! Apparently, the ability to control the weather resided in him all along. His devices merely focused his subconscious power to achieve the effects he expected.

Stratos used his unleashed abilities to escape from prison once more, and has gone into hiding while he perfects and masters his powers. He still seeks vengeance against his old foe, but Thunder now leads the Freedom League. To overcome such opposition, Dr. Stratos decided he needed a team of his own, so he joined forces with Dr. Simian to recreate the Crime League. Stratos has been leader of the criminal gang ever since.

Arrogance is Dr. Stratos’ defining characteristic. He is supremely con- ceited, originally refusing to believe his brilliant plans for a weather control device could ever be wrong. He now considers himself a demi- god rather than a “mere human,” gifted with power and intelligence far beyond that of the “common cattle.” He plans to rule as a god over a scientific and technological utopia created by his genius and structured according to his own logic and “reasoning.”

Stratos is quite vengeful. Even the slightest insult to his abilities must be answered, and those who thwart his plans particularly earn his wrath. He reserves a special hatred for Captain Thunder and all that he represents. Stratos wants to bring the Freedom League down solely because the team is important to the Captain. He’ll use any means at his disposal to achieve his goals.

Dr. Stratos

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