Dr Tomorrow

Guardian of Time


Like another great hero of Freedom City, he came from an alternate Earth—one where the Axis powers won World War II. Open arriving the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor he met with Franklin Roosevelt and convinced the President of the dangers of the Nazis and their plans for the world. Within 24 hours of his arrival back in time, Dr. Tomorrow forged the Liberty League with the president’s blessing to fight the Axis. With his tactical genius and physical prowess, Doc led the Allies’ greatest heroes through the war to victory over the Axis powers. He disappeared three days after VJ Day in 1945. Most believed he returned to his future, hoping his actions had changed it for the better.


Like another great hero of Freedom City, Tomas Morgen came from an alternate Earth—one where the Axis powers won World War II. Born in 1971 and raised as a “poster boy” of that long-established Nazi regime, Tomas grew up as the shining hope of his government, the Nationalist States of America. Few who knew him ever learned he was the product of an advanced eugenics program to breed the perfect Aryan.

Tomas was a tremendous success: athletic, handsome, brilliant, and genetically perfect in every way. Fortunately, he was also smarter than his Nazi creators gave him credit. Tomas encountered the underground American Resistance to the Nazis and learned the truth about atrocities his creators committed. He joined the Resistance and helped them to survive against the Nazi commandants of America. In 2002 on his Earth, Tomas led a raid on a Nazi lab and stole an experimental time-travel device, using it to go back into the past to prevent the Axis from winning the war. Tomas arrived in Freedom City after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He became Thomas Morgan to hide his German background and adopted the code name of Dr. Tomorrow. In this identity,

Of all the Doc’s allies, only FDR, Centurion, and the Freedom Eagle ever learned his true origin.

Sadly, he was mistaken. Although Doc changed history, it wasn’t his history. His present was still dominated by the Axis powers, and he was captured and imprisoned. Fortunately, the Resistance, aided by heroes from Freedom City, was able to free Dr. Tomorrow, who turned his inven- tive genius to overcoming the Nazi war-machine. He gave the Resistance technology able to defeat the enemy’s cyborg tanks and fighter planes. He devel- oped weapons effective against Axis super-soldiers. Rebellion spread, and soon the world was on the road to freedom. Dr. Tomorrow also studied the Nazi time travel technology, in hopes of discovering true time
travel and a way of changing his world’s past. He was successful, but drew the attention of the mysterious Time Keepers. These beings from the end of time opened Dr. Tomorrow’s eyes to the vast complexities of the Timestream and appointed him a Guardian of Time. Having done all he could for his own world, Dr. Tomorrow left it behind in his new time- ship to become a wanderer in time and space, guarding the timestream against those attempting to tamper with it.

Dr Tomorrow

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