Dr. Adrian Eldrich is a man from a simpler time. He was born in America in 1900, and grew up to become a respected archeologist, a contemporary of men like Howard Carter (who discovered King Tut’s tomb). Adrian had many adventures while making a career out of studying ancient ruins and lost lore. Those studies eventually changed his life in ways he hardly could have imagined.

Eldrich operated as a hero in the 1930s and 1940s, although not as openly as most of the costumed “mystery men” of that era. Few people ever heard of his battles in faraway places against demons, undead, evil spirits, and sorcerers. He advised heroes and even worked behind the scenes against the occult agents of the Nazis, who sought ancient artifacts and tampered with forces best left alone. He crossed swords with the Thule Society and Wilhelm Kantor on a number of occasions.

Following World War II, Eldrich traveled the world, studying and honing his magical abilities. He
even spent time in distant magical dimensions. In 1977, Eldrich moved into a brownstone in the Riverside neighborhood of Freedom City. He does help the Freedom League on occasion, since they know to call on him in all matters mystical. The world at large believes he is the descendant of the original 1930s adventurer Adrian

Eldrich who spends his time writing articles on ancient history and the occult “just like his grandfather did.” Adrian never bothers to correct this notion, since it serves him well.
Adrian Eldrich is a man out of time in many ways. The world has changed while he holds on to a certain old fashioned formality and sense of ethics. He can be stuffy and even pompous at times, but he’s also intelligent, insightful, brave, and quite charming when he wants to be. He’s usually all business, and takes little time to relax and socialize, although he can sometimes be pried away from his dusty tomes and crystals for an hour or two. He’s always got something on his mind and at least two or three different things vying for his attention, so he can seem distracted and impatient sometimes. Anyone who can get past his stern, formal exterior finds a brave, truly caring man who has dedicated his life (scores of lifetimes throughout the ages, in fact) to helping others.


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