Jack Wolf


Jack Wolf is the legal guardian of the minor Atom children, a parental position in which he never expected to find himself. Dr. Atom took young Jack Wolf in as a foster child when his father, Lt. Col. John Wolf, was lost on a space mission. Jack had a stormy relationship with his adoptive “sister” Andrea for a time, which eventually deepened into true affection, and even love on Jack’s part. He and Mentac struck sparks from the start, partly because of the conflict between Mentac’s intellect and biting wit and Jack’s rough-and-tumble attitude. Mostly, Jack was just jealous of the affection Andrea showed Mentac. When the Atom Family visited Farside City, they discovered the truth about Mentac’s heritage and also the fate of Jack’s father, who was rescued and lived among the Farsiders (where he remains today).

When Andrea and Mentac became romantically involved, Jack left Freedom City and became a soldier of fortune, fighting in various brush wars and conflicts around the world. He did his best to forget the Atoms until he heard about Omega’s assault on Freedom City. He returned too late to save either Andrea or Mentac, something he deeply regrets, but he was there for Dr. Atom and the old man’s grandchildren.

Jack became their guardian when Dr. Atom died, since the legality of a computerized intellect being “alive” or not is a matter of some debate. Although he doesn’t have any super-powers of his own, Jack still accom-panies the Atom Family into action, and is often the de-facto pilot. He is more than capable of taking care of himself, and he pulls the kids out of trouble regularly, while they’ve surprisingly done the same for him on a few occasions. No matter what happens, the kids know their “Uncle Jack” will take care of them.

Jack Wolf

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