Lady Liberty


During the American Revolutionary War, Elizabeth Forester disguised herself with a mask and fought the British as the mysterious Lady Liberty, a rallying symbol for the American people. Unfortunately, Elizabeth did not live to see the freedom she wanted for the Colonies. While she nearly made it to her contacts with stolen information on British troop movements, she was ambushed by Hessian mercenaries and gravely injured. Dying alone in the wilderness of western Massachusetts, she prayed for guidance and felt a warm and glowing light enfold
her. The Spirit of Liberty heard the prayers of her loyal daughter and carried Elizabeth
home with her. In succeeding generations, the Spirit of Liberty sometimes embraced a young woman to embody her power. Lady Liberty has appeared on the battlefields of both World Wars, in student protests in the United States and China, and many other places over the years. A French artist captured her image in the late 18th century, creating the Statue of Liberty that stands to this day in New York harbor.

In 1941, Donna Mason wore the silver, red, white, and blue of Lady Liberty in America. She was more powerful than any previous incarnation with her super-strength and her ability to fly, and she proudly fought for America against the Axis powers and the threats at home. She was a sterling member of the Liberty League and was one of the few heroes to remain active without fail through the 1950s and 1960s. By 1972, her powers were fading, as was her health, so
she retired after a successful crime-fighting career.

Not much is known about the current Lady Liberty but with her power she may outshine even her illustrious predecessors in time.

Lady Liberty

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