Maximus Atom


Maximus is the oldest of the Atom children, born in 1984. From his earliest childhood, he took more after his “uncle” Jack Wolf, physically active and daring. He quickly learned responsibility for his younger siblings and has helped look after them. Already famous as the grandchild of Dr. Atom, Maximus quickly became known for his own accomplishments. He became the leader of his siblings in more ways than one, helping his parents to train them as he learned to understand and control his own abilities.

Maximus has become quite close to his Uncle Jack and he admires him greatly. Although he’s not really aware of it, Maximus also feels a little guilty about this, because Jack is the kind of man he always wished his father Mentac had been. That feels he’s like betraying his father’s memory, and drives Maximus harder to make himself someone his parents would have been proud of.

Maximus Atom is serious and dedicated to his studies and his family. He’s boisterous and athletic, outgoing and friendly. He’s a bit overawed by his younger siblings’ intellect, and makes light of his own, even though he is smart in his own right. He takes responsibility for his sisters and brother and for Jack Wolf too, even though Jack supposedly looks out for them. Maximus’ self-confidence wanes only around one influence—girls. Despite his normal gregariousness, Max is shy, unsure of himself, and clumsy around them.

Maximus can control his body’s atomic structure to a limited degree. He can grow to tremendous size, shrink down to only a few centimeters tall, and shift his molecular valance out of phase with other matter, letting him pass through it. In his giant form he’s also very tough; few weapons can pierce his skin.

Maximus typically grows in response to danger, allowing him to oversee the situation and protect his family when necessary. He doesn’t hesitate to jump in front of attacks to shield others, and he uses his great size and reach to deal with opponents. He’ll often carry Vicky and Chase in his giant form. In situations where stealth is called for, Maximus shrinks down or “ghosts” through solid obstacles. He’s been known to hitch a ride with Victoria in his miniature form, and the two of them make a great infiltration team.

Maximus Atom

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