R’ik Faax was gestated, trained, and tested in the Grue Unity as an elite scout, able to infiltrate other societies, undermine them from within, and prepare the way for the Unity to invade and conquer them. He was very good at his duties, and eventually assigned a new mission: a world called Earth.

The time R’ik spent among humans changed him, however. Telepathic contact engendered sympathy in him for the first time, and he came to understand and appreciate humanity. When his fellow Grue sought to imitate and discredit the Freedom League, they came close to succeeding, but R’ik chose to turn against his own kind and help humanity survive. For his crime, he was exiled, forever cut off from the Grue Unity and marooned on a primitive, alien world.

The Freedom League took R’ik in joining the League, using the name “Pseudo” and placing his shapeshifting and telepathic abilities at their disposal. Pseudo continued studying and learning about humanity while also fighting to protect it. Eventually, he felt isolated from humans, and chose to return to the stars with Daedalus when the immortal inventor left Earth.

Pseudo returned to warn his old friends of a Grue invasion plan, and helped Earth’s heroes ward off the Grue, once again saving the Earth. Content Not Found: captain-thunder invited Pseudo to rejoin the League and find a new home with them, and he accepted. He is the only League member to live full-time on board the Lighthouse, their orbital headquarters, where he keeps watch over his adopted home and helps coordinate League activity. Pseudo has also continued writing, and is working on a travelogue of his experiences in space. He has also discovered the Internet, and enjoys helping maintain the Freedom League’s public website, as well as writing weblogs under various aliases.


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