Tesla Atom


Tesla is only a year younger than her brother Maximus, but seems more mature in some ways. Although Maximus is the leader of the siblings, Tess is definitely the brains of the outfit. She has her mother’s sharp intellect, and her father’s biting wit to go with it. She learns more all the time and spends much of her off time helping her grandfather with experiments as both his assistant and his hands for delicate work.

There’s little doubt Tess will go on to become a brilliant scientist. She’s taking advanced classes at the Hanover Institute of Technology, although the school’s administration worries her presence might lead an enemy of the Atom Family to attack Tesla on campus. Tesla Atom lets Maximus take the lead while she advises him and figures things out. She’s always thinking, looking for new things to study and new opportunities to learn. Even in her spare time, she enjoys puzzles and intellectual games like chess (which she plays with Chase and her grandfather). She’s excited by a new experiment or something new to study. She sees the threats the Atom Family deals with as puzzles to solve, although if a member of her family is threatened, Tesla doesn’t play around.

She’s entirely unaware of how attractive she is and somewhat clueless when it comes to having boys fawn over her. For her to be attracted to a guy, he’d have to be her intellectual equal, and she hasn’t met up with anyone like that yet. However, she does have a bit of a schoolgirl crush on Daedalus of the Freedom League.

Tesla can generate and control nucleonic energy fields, surround herself with a glowing force field, and fly through the air. She can generate bursts of energy, ranging from blinding light to a force that dissolves molecular bonds, although she never uses that against living opponents. She can even create fields of force away from her body, shaping them into walls or a platform. Tess is in excellent physical condition, and trains regularly in the use of her powers. Tesla’s abilities make her the aerial and artillery support in the Atom Family, since she can attack opponents at range while flying up out of reach. She frequently carries one or more of her siblings with her into the air (particularly if Maximus shrinks down to an easily portable size), and she’s the one who catches them if they fall. She tends to hang back, peppering opponents with ranged attacks, while looking for weaknesses and advising Maximus on tactics.

Tesla Atom

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