Victoria Atom


Victoria, age 17, is quieter and less self-assured than her older siblings. She tends to blend into the background both figuratively and literally, since Victoria can transform into almost anything. She’s very intelligent but more bookish than Tesla. She loves to read and often has her nose buried in a book, reading anything from fiction to science, history, current events, and journalism. She can pull obscure facts and figures out at various times, and she’s particularly fascinated with reading about superheroes.

Vicky is very much the peacemaker of the family, and does her best to keep everyone happy and together. She’s very curious and interested in new ideas and new experiences and is remarkably open-minded for her age. She doesn’t judge by appearances and has the ability to see things from other points of view fairly easily, which may come from her ability to literally put herself in others’ places. Her willingness to believe that there’s some good in everyone can get her into trouble some- times, especially when coupled with her curiosity. She’s closest to her younger brother Chase and particularly protective of him.

Victoria can control her body’s molecules like Maximus can, but she does so with more precision. She can transform into virtually any shape she can imagine. She can stretch out to great lengths or assume a semisolid form that allows her to flow like water through small cracks and openings. Her body is naturally resilient, making her more resistant to physical harm.

Victoria is the Atom Family’s infiltration expert, able to go almost anywhere. She’s also been known to use her shapechanging to sow confusion among opponents by mimicking one of them. In a fight, she tends to grab opponents and tangle them up in her stretchy form, holding them just long enough for Max or Tess to hit them hard.

Victoria Atom

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