Providence Asylum

The Providence Asylum is located in a fairly isolated part of Port Regal, near a cliff overlooking the ocean. It was originally the estate of the Phillips family, one of Freedom’s founding families. Mr. Howard Phillips, the patriarch at the time, willed the estate to Dr. Reginald Carter to establish an asylum for the mentally ill upon his death in 1908.

Dr. Carter set up the asylum and served as its director for many years, until he disappeared under mysterious (and still unexplained) circumstances in 1929. The Board of Trustees hired a new director and the asylum has continued to operate to this day. Facilities at the Providence Asylum have been greatly updated since its establishment, although they still lag somewhat behind the state of the art.

A few years ago, the Asylum’s Board of Trustees approved a proposal to begin treating mentally ill superhumans at the facility. Current asylum director Dr. Ashley Ellis has high hopes of making breakthroughs in the rehabilitation of superhuman criminals. Some Freedonians express concern with putting convicted super-criminals back on the street, even if they are considered cured.

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Providence Asylum

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