Star Island

Located off the coast is the Star Island Space Control Center (SCC), a new government facility designed as a, telemetry, recovery, and launch plat- form for space-based missions. The SCC is built on an island extensively altered to the government’s specifications by the Army Corps of Engineers and members of the Freedom League.

Renamed “Star Island” for its rough resemblance to a five-pointed star, the island houses the main facility along with a conventional military airfield and housing for the SCC’s workforce. The launch facility can handle U.S. space shuttles and spaceplanes as well as conventional rocket launches. The rest of the facility contains labs and administrative offices.

The SCC collects astronomical data and works with other NASA facilities in Florida and Texas on space-related projects, from new shuttle and rocket designs to the engineering and execution of a manned mission to Mars. Since the construction of the Lighthouse (see the Freedom League in Chapter 5), the Space Control Center also serves as a center for communication with the Freedom League’s orbital headquarters.

Heroes and supporting characters with appropriate skills might work at Star Island, while trouble at the facility certainly draws the attention of heroes. Terrorists may seize control of the facility, either to hold it for ransom or to use it to launch some sort of weapon. Super-criminals might do the same, or use the launch facilities to send death-ray or mind control satellites into orbit.

Aliens might visit Star Island, either hitching a ride on-board a returning ship or following one back to Earth. Aliens stranded on Earth might attempt to use the launch facilities to return to outer space, as well. Alien visitors don’t have to be humanoid, either. A space probe can bring back an alien disease, for example, or spores that take over human host bodies so their telepathic hive mind can grow in power.

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